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My 2011 Reading List

This year my resolution (although a loose one) is to get through my NEW ESV study bible (thanks mom!) and to read two books a month. So, in no particular order, here is the 2011 reading list:

Church Planter- Darrin Patrick
Elders and Leaders- Gene Getz
God is the Gospel- John Piper
Peacemaking- Ken Sande
Brothers, We Are Not Professionals- John Piper
Why Johnny Can’t Preach- T. David Gordon
The Gagging of God- DA Carson
Planting Missional Churches- Ed Stetzer
Viral Churches- Ed Stetzer
Worship By The Book- DA Carson
Soul Searching- Christian Smith
The Cultural Creatives- Sherry Ruth Anderson
Bowling Alone- Robert Putnam
Spurgeon’s Lectures to My Students- C.H. Spurgeon
Breaking the Missional Code- Ed Stetzer
9 Marks Of A Healthy Church- Mark Devers
The Master Plan of Evangelism- Robert Coleman
Starting A New Church- Ralph Moore
Worship in Spirit and Truth- John Piper
Christ-Centered Worship- Bryan Chapell
Pastoral Counseling- John Macarthur
Above All Earthly Pow’rs- David Wells
The Supremacy of God in a Postmodern World- John Piper
Transforming Mission- David Bosch

If you have read or are planning on reading any of these, let me know your thoughts! It’s my intent to work through them here. (no promises though)

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